Waxing Services at Gold Coast Massage and Day Spa Is Not Just Removing Unwanted Hairs

Waxing isn’t just about removing the unwanted hairs from different body areas! Effective waxing services turn the skin hair-free and make the skin look younger and smooth. Professional Wax treatment technicians conclude the work with utmost care and protect health and elasticity of the skin.

We Offer Waxing For Specific Body Areas As Well As Entire Body

Different body parts need waxing in regular intervals to maintain tidiness of the skin and maintain glowing skin. Underarm, eyebrow, leg, back, bikini line, stomach, neck, nose and arms are the body parts that require waxing in regular intervals. The whole body even can undergo waxing as per person’s interest!

Gold Coast Massage and Day Spa offers professional and high resulting waxing services. Waxing service Gold Coast comprises different sections of waxing. We offer waxing services for the required body areas as well as the whole body. We have skilled and highly experienced technicians who turn out the best out with the utilization of the best techniques of waxing.

We Follow Safe and Medically Approved Waxing Steps

Gold Coast Massage and Day Spa offers eyebrow waxing services for achieving perfect eyebrow shape. We follow safe steps for eyebrow waxing that doesn’t hurt the receivers and achieves the required results.

We offer leg waxing services avoiding redness and remove the hairs from the root that prevents the hairs from growing back fast! After waxing the body areas, we maintain the softness and silky texture of skin.

With low time consumption, we remove the hairs from different body areas preventing pain. We offer special package Brazilian wax gold coast. Our expertise in waxing techniques not only removes hair but cleanse the skin as well rejuvenating the skin. Our experts also follow aftercare steps that prevent dirt from penetrating skin soon after treatment.

We offer body waxing ensuring the best results following the proven medical grades of waxing. Apart from waxing, Gold Coast Massage and Day Spa offers deep tissue massage, body scrubs, spray tanning, facial therapy and reflexology gold coast packages